Video Editor – Invision Video Editor Features

An Invideo Editor application is the best Video Editor available for both iOS and Android mobile users. With the Invideo App, anyone with a creative spark and passion for video creation can express themselves creatively and create professional videos without a lot of time, effort, or cost. With the Inventive Editor, you can quickly and easily edit and share your videos with family, friends, coworkers, and even clients. You can also add text to your videos to give even more meaning to your videos, and Invideo App is compatible with the iMovie and Pro Movie maker apps on iOS devices and the android Phone video editing suite called Phoneshoot.

invideo editor

The Invideo Editor has four main sections namely the main page, the video tab, the transitions tab, and the clip board. The main page contains the Overview and the Actions buttons which let you switch between the different views of your movie. The video tab contains the different scenes in your video such as the title, credits, trailers, special effects, panoramas etc. The Transitions tab contains the different transition types that can be used for the different scenes in your movie. The fourth section of Invision Editor contains the transitions and masks that enable you to combine your images, text, and other elements so that the audience can have a seamless experience while watching your movie.

If you wish to use the Invision Editor with Inventive, the first thing you need to do is to open your iMovie library. Add all the movies that you want to include in your library. Once added, you can go to the Clipboard tab and from there, you can select the files or clips for each scene in your iMovies. For the final touches, you can also create a logo for your iMovies and save it as a sticker.

The Invision Video Editor has many advanced features. It has a complete range of features including transitions, backgrounds, effects, text, logos, and stickers to give your videos a professional look. You can also insert text into your iMovies with the Invision Video Editor. For the background, you can either choose pre-made backgrounds or you can design your own by using the Brush Strokes function. The color of the screen will also be changed while editing videos using the Video Editor.

Another feature of the Invision Video Editor is the text-to-video function. With this function, you can either write text on the video screen or import audio from files such as AVI or MPG. You will need to select the text that you want to convert to a video. Then, you just need to click the conversion option. After converting your text to a video, you will be able to see it on the screen.

In addition to all these features, an in-built scheduler and undo system make this editor an all around great editing tool. The Invision Video Editor webpage also has the feature of adding video clips and photos to the program. There are various picture importing options available in the program. It makes it possible for you to edit videos while taking pictures at the same time.

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