InVideo Unlimited Review

The InVideo unlimited plan provides you with a wealth of features, including the ability to export unlimited videos and use a library of 1 million premium media. The cost of the plan is $30 per month or $60 if billed annually. Depending on your requirements, you can opt for one or both of these plans. The first option provides you with 60 exports per month and one million premium media, while the second option provides you with unlimited exports and includes ten iStock credits each month.

If you are a complete beginner, InVideo offers two options – a free trial and an unlimited plan. Once you’ve signed up, you can explore a library of pre-made templates and use the free features to create a video about your brand or product. You can even add your own media files, such as images, sounds, or videos. InVideo offers many customizable templates for different types of videos and will let you use your own content as well.

Moreover, InVideo allows users to edit their videos. They can delete scenes that are unnecessary, while retaining the necessary ones. You can also add different views and stickers to existing videos. The software has a vast library of videos, images, and audios. It also allows you to preview each scene before finalizing it. Moreover, you can use audios, stickers, and animations to further enhance the quality of your video. InVideo also offers a feature that lets you add your own voice to your videos.

InVideo allows you to create video formats that are perfect for social media, including YouTube and LinkedIn. Although it doesn’t support video formats for LinkedIn, it is still a good choice for social media users. InVideo also offers a Square-style feature that allows users to post videos to these networks. InVideo also has Twitter-style videos, and you can also create videos in square format. While it lacks a multi-brand setting, it’s perfect for articles that need to be visually appealing.

The Storyteller option also allows users to use the Storyteller video format along with longer-form content, like articles and videos. This allows users to create a video resume of a post, and can improve SEO in the process. The Storyteller feature allows users to keep viewers on your site for longer, thus increasing the likelihood that they will share your content with others. There are also templates available for specific sizing. There are many other options for users as well, so there is something for everyone.

InVideo is a cloud-based video creator that allows users to customize their templates. Besides allowing you to create videos, InVideo also lets you convert blog posts into video format, making it perfect for content repurposing. If you’re a blogger who likes to repurpose content, you’ll be happy with this option. Its support team is responsive, and their Facebook group is a great place to get support.

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