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InVideo has three different pricing plans, starting at $30 per month for the free tier. For a monthly fee of $60, you can use unlimited videos, edit them, and upload them to their website. InVideo offers a 30-day free trial that allows you to post 60 videos without watermark. The business plan adds more features and is best for those who are already familiar with video editing and want to upgrade to the premium features.

InVideo pricing

The free version of InVideo puts a watermark on videos, while the premium version does not. All InVideo content is your own property and you can resell the videos. You can choose from a free version or a business plan or an unlimited plan. If you use the business plan, you’ll be able to edit multiple videos for a lower price. For the unlimited plan, you’ll need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription.

The free version of InVideo puts a watermark on your videos, but the premium version does not. You’ll get a downloadable file and an option to share it with your friends on social media sites. InVideo is compatible with Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome. If you’re having trouble using it, the company’s support team is available to assist you. It also offers special discount coupons. The unlimited plan allows you to upload unlimited videos and save up to 50% on your purchase.

The premium plan includes access to premium templates, fifteen-minute videos, and unlimited video exports. Prior to the free version, InVideo offered a free version that didn’t include all of the features. For a few months, it was free, but today, the business plan adds unlimited videos and images to your monthly subscription. The unlimited plan costs $60 monthly and $360 a year, but you can download all of the premium content for your own website.

The paid plan allows you to create unlimited videos without a watermark. The free plan has a watermark, and you can change it if you’d like. The paid plan does not have a watermark. InVideo‘s premium plan is completely customizable. You can add text to videos, edit images, and choose the font and color scheme for each video. It also has a variety of features that help you create professional-looking videos.

The premium plan has many advantages. It has a large database of stock footage and over three million videos. There are templates that have a professional look to them. You can upload your own content to customize the videos. You can even add logos, add intros, and change the font. InVideo‘s template editor allows you to include your brand colors and change the font to make them more personalized. You can use it for your personal use and share it with others.

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