Inventor Video Marketing Platforms

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Inventor Video Marketing Platforms

Video Marketing is the advertising of service or product utilizing videos to promote customer engagement on blogs, social networking sites and video portals to increase customer penetration and deliver the intended real purpose of product or services to a targeted audience. Examples: How does InVideo work with YouTube?

In Video Marketing can be performed through the utilization of Informatics Software, such as Camstudio, Microsoft Windows Movie Maker, Macromedia Free videoshop and Pinnacle in conjunction with web-based platforms like YouTube. Videos are created through digital video content formats (DVCAM) and then edited with text editor software such as Adobe Flash, Audacity, and Sony Sound Forge. After the video has been edited, it is then uploaded to the Inventor Studio. Users can submit the video content by uploading them to Inventor’s website, which then syndicates the content across the Internet, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube and additional video hosting platforms. Users can also publish their videos directly from Inventor Studio by uploading the videos directly to their website.

As previously mentioned, Inventor offers a viral video marketing tool called InVention. This viral tool is used by entrepreneurs to drive traffic to their Inventor website. To engage users and draw attention to their website, the entrepreneurs can utilize the inbound links on their InVention pages and include an “about” section with a link to their respective business website. Users can also subscribe to Inventor Newsletters that provide marketers with short keyword phrase targeted articles and content. Article submissions are made via Inventor Newsletters.

Inventor provides a feature-rich audio library to optimize video marketing. Users can add audio files for streaming using popular RSS and audio streaming services like YouTube. Audio files for video marketing can be easily added to the Inventor website or uploaded to other online storage sites like Sound Cloud, Bandcamp or iTunes. Audio files can be played back at any time using a web browser. Audio in social networking platforms can also be sent as an email attachment.

Video creation using Inventor is not only limited to creating promotional videos, but also offers an interactive editor with features similar to WordPress, Camstudio or Xanga. High-quality images and graphics can be imported from different stock photography websites and further enhanced using standard image editing software. Video templates can be imported from Adobe Photoshop Elements or Picasa. Video templates are available in a variety of resolutions and quality levels.

Business can utilize social networking tools to promote their business using Inventor Social Media Optimizer. It allows users to make a Facebook, Twitter or YouTube video. The video can be broadcasted to millions of viewers in real-time. Social media icons can be added to the video to provide a notification while browsing the page. Videos can be shared using instagram, facebook, and linked from twitter and Instagram.

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